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Medicines in School - School Board Policies

Board Policy 210 - Medications - See the FORMS page for downloadable medication forms.

Please note the following section of Policy 210 regarding the delivery and storage of medicines:

All medication shall be brought to the nurse’s office, or the main office if the nurse is in another building, by the parent/guardian or by another adult designated by the parent/guardian. All medication shall be stored in the original pharmacy-labeled container and kept in a locked cabinet designated for storage of medication. Medications that require refrigeration shall be stored and locked in a refrigerator designated only for medications. The district shall not store more than a thirty-day supply of an individual student’s medication.

Medication should be recorded and logged in with the date, name of student, name of medication, amount of medication, and signatures of the parent/guardian or designated adult delivering the medication and the school health personnel receiving the medication.

Nonprescription medication must be delivered in its original packaging and labeled with the student’s name.

Prescription medication shall be delivered in its original packaging and labeled with:

  1. Name, address, telephone and federal DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) number of the pharmacy.
  2. Student's name.
  3. Directions for use (dosage, frequency and time of administration, route, special instructions).
  4. Name and registration number of the licensed prescriber.
  5. Prescription serial number.
  6. Date originally filled.
  7. Name of medication and amount dispensed.
  8. Controlled substance statement, if applicable.

All medication shall be accompanied by a completed Medication Administration Consent and Licensed Prescriber’s Medication Order Form, or other written communication from the licensed prescriber.

Medication provided by school

Our school doctor provides the district with orders allowing for generic forms of Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Antacid, and Cough Drops to be administered at the discretion of the nurse, providing there is signed consent by the parent/guardian. For more information about the district’s medication policy please see policy 210 and 210.1.

Board Policy 210.1 - Asthma Inhalers/Epinephrine Auto-Injectors

The district recognizes the need for some students to carry in their possession a respiratory inhaler or an epinephrine auto-injector or risk potential life-threatening reactions. As such, as long as Policy 210.1 is followed, students may carry their own inhaler or epinephrine auto-injector while in school.